Cabrillo Beach
Cabrillo Beach is a historic beach located in San Pedro, Los Angeles, California. It is named after Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo, a Portuguese explorer who was the first to sail up the California coast. Cabrillo has two separate beach areas.

It is also home to a few famous landmarks, namely the 1.75 mile Los Angeles Breakwater which ends at the Angel's Gate Lighthouse, the recently restored Cabrillo Beach Bathhouse, and the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium. The Angels Gate Lighthouse is home to the annual Angel's Gate Lighthouse Swim competition, held by Lifeguards and San Pedro residents each summer.

Angel's Gate

A popular location for treasure seekers, primarily due to it being named after the explorer, and due to it's location within the San Pedro Bay. It seems an unlikely location however, the beach is far too narrow and shallow to be a likely hiding spot. Most of the land beyond the sand is high developed. The Angel's Gate Lighthouse has been speculated to be a possible location. However it was constructed on the breakwater centuries after Cabrillo first stepped foot ashore. The popularity is arguably more due to its proximity to San Pedro, and its picturesque views of the sunset.